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We only use stuff that we genuinely believe in. As much as we can, we only use gear from companies whose ethos lines up with our own, so when some of these companies are willing to work with us and help us out, then it really means a lot.

- Jobeky - custom electronic drums

The Jobeky family create custom electronic drum equipment for the likes of Muse & Enter Shikari... and now US.  It's amazing quality stuff, their designs are incredibly cool and it's really well priced. What's not to love? 


- SE Electronics

Over the last decade or so, all four of us have been trying out different microphones in the studio and on stage. As well as using a mic for vocals, we also need them for use on guitar and bass amps, as well as drums. SE Electronics produce incredible quality gear, plus they're an absolute dream to work with.

It's a family run business, and most of their stuff is made by hand, by incredibly skilled people. As well as sounding great, their microphones are built to last too - ideal when we're using them on the road and in the studio on a regular basis.  

SE Electronics logo.png

- Read Audio

If you've seen us live, you might notice we're wearing earphones - these are in-ear monitors and allow us to hear what we're playing, whilst protecting our hearing. Things can get real noisy on stage, and these Read Audio in-ear monitors (IEMs) protect our ears from that, but we can hear our instruments and vocals crystal-clear.

Read Audio are completely no-nonsense - their product is incredible, and their service is impeccable - they're basically faultless! Like with everything else on here - we'd be using them anyway; endorsement or not.

Read Audio logo.png

- Invaders Amplification

Invaders Amps make boutique style guitar and bass amps, by hand, in their factory in Belgium. Using some of the most renowned and sought after classic amps in the world as a base, they provide us with a wide range range of tones in the studio - from sparkling cleans, to nasty stank face-inducing dirty tones, they do it all!

The build quality and attention to detail is insane, plus they even built us an Invaders Bluegrass 550 model in our own custom-spec'd tweed finish - legends!


- Vocalzone

If you're singing a lot regularly, chances are your throat might start hurting a little. This is where Vocalzone come in - they make a range of teas and pastilles that help soothe and relieve the throat, without numbing it, like many other vocal remedies, which can mask underlying vocal damage. Plus, they taste really good!


They're pretty much the best thing out there for helping clear and relieve your throat, so if you're a singer, then they're absolutely worth checking out. An absolute must-have for Imo when we're in the studio or out gigging.

vocalzone logo.jpeg

- Amedia

Cymbals - like thin, metal drums. Go 'splish splash' instead of 'dum'dum' - is that right Ducky?

For real though, Amedia make some incredible cymbals - they're dynamic, they're crisp and they perform just as well in the studio as they do on stage. 

Amedia logo.jpg

- balbex drumsticks

Using the highest quality materials possible, Balbex drumsticks provide Ducky with the tools to go 'WHACK', 'BOOM', 'CRASH' and other technical drum terms. They also last longer than most other sticks, which is incredibly useful when recording and gigging. Big up the Balbex drumsticks. 

balbex logo.jpg
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