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Esche Haus Recording Studio Blackburn

When the band aren't rocking out on stage or writing tunes, they can be found working at the recording studio they built in Blackburn - Esche Haus Audio.

EHA Studio pic.jpeg

The studio started with Imogen & James recording bands in a shed behind James' parents house in Tottington, before moving to Blackburn in 2018. During lockdown, years of hard work honing their crafts, collecting gear, scouring Facebook marketplace for free/cheap items, up-cycling unwanted furniture and hoarding studio equipment paid off, as they finally had the time to build their own purpose built space, right in the town centre.

The studio operates as a recording studio and creative hub. It is not a place where artists arrive, record, pay and leave. It is a facility by which artists can be mentored and have the opportunity to not only record and produce their music, but have their music videos shot and their photographs taken too.


The band use the studio as a way to provide artists with the space they wish they had when they were starting out. A hub where they can go, learn, write, record and get a taste of what it feels like to work full time in the music industry.


With Imogen managing the studio, James recording and producing artists and Ben & Blenk recording session bass/guitar for Esche Haus artists, the band are all able to use the studio to work together, collaborating on other musicians projects alongside being in a rock band - Novustory.


The studio and band working as a unit have enabled them to work with everyone from emerging artists to global brands. Over the past 4 years they have recorded audiobooks for the likes of comedian Tez Ilyas (Mock The Week/Man Like Mobeen - Netflix) and Davinia Taylor (Hollyoaks). They have also had the opportunity to record audio for GLAMOUR es, Jagermeister, Virgin Radio, ITV & United Utilities and their work has been featured on primetime BBC news, Kerrang! & BT TV.


Bookings can be made at the studio via More information, including a list of FAQs/Directions/Gear list can be found at

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